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Create Your Unique Style with Feather Hair Extensions!

Peyton Thomas Salon is the premier feather hair extensions Salon in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.  We have a great selection of feathers to choose from to create your own unique style.  From natural 

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Hair extensions are for anyone looking for a chic, fun, stylish way to express themselves.  No matter your style, age, or the color of your hair, there are feather hair extensions that will uniquely showcase your personality. The wide variety of colors and lengths allow each individual to design their own image – whether it is a bold statement or a subtle whisper, blend in or stand out – whatever your preference.  Should you tire of your selected look you can create a new look for yourself by simply changing the color, type or length of the feathers. With all of these options you cannot go wrong with feather hair extensions.

Maybe you are looking for something subdued.  By selecting feathers that complement or match your own hair color you can create a subtle look.  For example, someone with long brown hair could choose feather hair extensions in a solid brown or chocolate shade. To keep them discreet, attach them underneath the hair, so that they blend in perfectly. To add just a hint of contrast, pick a striped shade in the same color.

Why not something bold and colorful?  Those individuals who are seeking a bolder, more daring look should select a bright, contrasting color like orange, aqua or purple. Securing the feather hair extensions to the outer portions of the hair will ensure that they are easily seen and admired by many. To take it one step further, add several different colors at once. This can be done by selecting a multi-colored bundle or with several individual extensions. Another strategy for wearing feather hair extensions is to add a shade that is slightly lighter than the original hair color. The idea is to make them look similar to salon highlights. On a blonde, a few wisps of a pearl or straw tone, placed throughout the hair, will build depth.

The options are endless.  Make an appointment today and we will help you create your own unique style.

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